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Immediate Dentures

Affordable Custom Made Immediate Dentures

We don’t use premade molds. Our dentures are custom made to the shape of your mouth.

Dentures are removable appliances that can replace missing teeth. It is often the most cost-effective plan to repairing dental damage on 10 or more teeth. There are a wide range of reasons why a patient may be losing their teeth and opt to have their remaining teeth pulled. Teeth are critical to daily function and facial structure and should be replaced properly.

It is understandable for a patient to want to be out of pain and remove all their teeth. Certain medical conditions, cancer treatments, prescription drug side-effects, and trauma can damage teeth to a point that routine dental repair will not work. Drug abuse is also a common cause of tooth damage. Stonewood Hills is a judgement-free space where we encourage and support patients who want to change the course of the lives and start making better decisions about their health. We have assisted many people in improving their health, their smiles, and their ability to be employed.

Immediate dentures are custom to your jaw. At a preliminary visit, we will take measurements and make models of your jaw to ensure we are making dentures that will look natural and be functional. We have partnered with state certified dental labs for our immediate denture patients. The day of your appointment, we will remove the remaining teeth and have the immediate dentures inserted. You do not have to be without teeth during the healing period!

Although this is not a common procedure, patients are not always able to receive this service elsewhere which is why we continue to provide it. At Stonewood Hills, we believe there is always a solution and we will make sure that we are working within your requirements. We will not turn you away.

Dental Surgery Tulsa

Dr. Rocky always gives it to you straight. No exaggerations. No false promises. Known for his fight against unethical dental practices among oral surgeons in Tulsa. He treats everyone fairly & with respect.

Cheapest Immediate Dentures in Tulsa. Everyone qualifies for payment plans.

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