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Impacted Canines & Orthodontic Extractions

Affordable Canines & Orthodontic Extractions in Tulsa

When a tooth is impacted, it means that it is stuck inside the jawbone. The most common impacted teeth are the wisdom teeth. However, any tooth can be impacted. If left untreated, the tooth can develop a cyst and become painful. Orthodontists treat the impacted canine teeth in several ways. A common surgery to assist the impacted canine tooth into position is called Expose & Bond.

The Expose & Bond is exactly what it sounds like. The oral surgeon will expose the impacted tooth by removing the tissue and bone blocking the canine tooth and bond an orthodontic bracket with cement to the canine. The orthodontist will then direct the canine into position with your braces. This will allow the tooth to be positioned so that it looks natural and serves the function intended.

If a patient does not have enough room in their mouth, an orthodontist will ask for teeth to be removed. The most common teeth removed to make space are the premolars. We can perform any kind of extraction in our office.

The cheapest tooth extractions in Tulsa. Everyone qualifies for payment plans.

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