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Affordable TMJ Surgery in Tulsa

We provide a permanent fix to TMJ pain.

TMJ refers to the temporomandibular joint which acts like a sliding hinge, connecting your jawbone to your skull. A patient with TMJ may experience pain or tenderness of your jaw, aching pain in and around your ear, difficulty chewing or pain while chewing, aching facial pain, and locking of the joint, making it difficult to open or close your mouth. The cause of TMJ can be a number of factors including genetics, arthritis, or jaw injury. TMJ problems and surgery are controversial but we are happy to sit down with you and discuss your symptoms and what treatment/management options are available to you. We respect a patient’s decision to have non-surgical or surgical treatment.

We have helped patients with short-term problems through medication and non-surgical techniques. However, if after 60 days, you do not see any improvement, we re-evaluate your options. We can refer to providers for long-term non-surgical treatment or discuss surgical options. We feel only 10-15% of TMJ problems are surgical issues and use diagnostic radiographs, CT, and MRI studies to identify a patient’s condition.

Dr. Cullens uses an orthopedic approach focusing on the condition and position of bone and cartilage. Given his background in mechanical engineering in conjunction with over 15 years experience with TMJ surgery, his approach is tried-and-true. Some providers use a dental approach to TMJ issues and have good outcomes. We believe that once an orthopedic injury or degenerative condition (arthritis) has damaged a joint the orthopedic approach is most appropriate.

A common situation for surgical patients is the failure of non-surgical techniques, chronic and increasing pain, lost ability to open mouth and/or lost ability to chew. Many of the surgical patients have decreased quality of life due to chronic pain. Our goal is to complete the diagnostic tests and present your condition to 10-14 days. We know you need help and do not delay in our efforts. You will receive a copy of the results so that a second opinion can be obtained if you or your insurance want one.

Dr. Cullens is FDA-approved to purchase and surgically place three (3) prosthetic TMJ systems. Most patients will not need a Total Joint Replacement of the TMJ but when it is needed it has a dramatic positive outcome for the patient. The more common procedure is a reposition of displaced cartilage using orthopedic anchors similar to hand or shoulder surgery.

Undergoing any surgery is a life-changing decision which is why we provide a new patient the opportunity to discuss outcomes with past patients. We believe the input from a past patient can be very helpful. We ask patients to come for a consult about TMJ surgery with an open mind. We are not going to push you toward surgery. We want you to be sure it is right for you. Our success is because we did the right surgery for the right patient. Many patients have been told incorrect information from providers who do not provide the surgery. Providers may be attempting to be helpful but they can’t be accurate if they don’t do the operation.

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Dr. Rocky always gives it to you straight. No exaggerations. No false promises. Known for his fight against unethical dental practices among oral surgeons in Tulsa. He treats everyone fairly & with respect.

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