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Wisdom Teeth Removal

Affordable Wisdom Teeth Removal for All Ages

Wisdom teeth are molars found at the very back of your mouth. They are called wisdom teeth because they usually do not come in under the age of 17-21 – old enough to have gained some “wisdom”. However, not having them removed is not always wise. Some patients keep their wisdom teeth their whole lives, but others need to have them removed.

Each patient is unique but if you have a small jaw you are more likely to need wisdom teeth removal. Because there is less room for the wisdom teeth to come in, they can get stuck (impacted) in your jaw. An impacted wisdom tooth can crowd other teeth and create painful, swollen, and infected flaps in your gums.

You do not need to wait until you are in pain to have your wisdom teeth removed. In fact, it is better to be proactive and have them removed before the age of 25. Additionally, the surgery is easier and your healing time is faster because you are younger and healthier. Many patients who wait until they are 40 years old have problems like diabetes or high blood pressure that complicate the surgery. We recommend getting your wisdom teeth removed as soon as feasibly possible.

Why should you remove your wisdom teeth as soon as possible?

Wisdom teeth can cause disfigurement in the facial structure. When wisdom teeth are impacted it causes shifting in the bones of the jaw. Which can often result in asymmetry or an oddly shaped jawline.

It is difficult to repair a cavity in a wisdom tooth. The routine equipment to repair teeth is not designed to reach that far back in your mouth. Many people who wait until they have a cavity make removing the wisdom tooth more difficult because it is going to crack or break.

If the teeth become impacted, they can lead to infection and damage to your other teeth and jaw bone. A fluid sac may form around the tooth which can grow into a cyst. This could cause lasting damage to your nearby teeth, jaw, and bones. The cysts have a higher chance of forming from age 40-50. It is best to find the cyst early so the removal is easier. Advanced cyst removal may require titanium fixation plates to stabilize the jaw during healing. The cost of this surgery is greater than the cost of removing wisdom teeth before the cyst forms.

The benefit of wisdom teeth removal for high school athletes.

Wisdom teeth removal is especially important high school athletes BEFORE their sophomore year. It does not matter if you have braces or not. An impacted wisdom tooth increases the stress around the tooth if you have contact to your jaw.  This is called a stress concentration effect. We commonly see a jaw fracture in football players kicked in the jaw, basketball players elbowed to the chin, baseballs player hit in the face, and boxers and MMA fighters. A jaw fracture takes 6-8 weeks to heal which can cause players to miss the majority of their season and training time. By contrast, it takes 2 weeks to fully recover after having your wisdom teeth removed. You can avoid losing playing time if you remove the wisdom teeth BEFORE you are a critical varsity player working towards a championship or a college scholarship.

The benefit of wisdom teeth removal for musicians & singers

We recommend this procedure for are musicians and singers. Your mouth is your musical instrument and it should be taken especially good care of. However, we suggest a minimum 30-day healing period of singers and patient who play a wind instrument because the facial muscles must be completely healed before blowing a horn or robust singing.

Your best option is to be proactive about your wisdom teeth and have them removed before they cause issues. Impaction is very common and waiting to see if you have impacted wisdom teeth is never a good idea. At Stonewood Hills, we will make sure you receive the right prognosis and the best treatment plan. Our mission is to ensure each patient has access to good oral health without breaking the bank so do not let cost be a factor in your decision to postpone treatment.

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